Zeolite Helps Control the Bowels

Crohn’s disease, Colitis, and Irritated Bowel Syndrome (IBS) all affect the intestinal tract. Two of the major symptoms of these diseases are abdominal cramping and chronic diarrhea.  The pain and urgency of needing “to go” can be difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Many sufferers of IBS, Crohn’s, and/or Colitis have found relief by taking a zeolite health supplement.

How Zeolite Works

Zeolite helps control the bowels in several ways. First off, zeolite is very absorbent and helps to absorb excess water that may be bloating the gut.  More importantly, it naturally absorbs toxins, which is essential for balancing pH. Toxins are acidic, and make the body’s pH levels acidic. It is in an acidic environment that malignant, foreign entities can grow out of control. Within the intestinal tract, this translates to bad bacteria growing out of control, causing the intestines to fall into a dysfunctional state.  Thus, by absorbing toxins, pH levels are balanced, and no bad bacteria can flourish—only beneficial fauna and flora that is necessary for normal intestinal function can grow. Furthermore, once heavy metals and other toxins are taken out of the body, cells can then functional normally. In the intestines, this means that precious nutrients can be absorbed. This helps to quiet and strengthen the bowels.

An Effective Product

Esdifan is an effective zeolite based health supplement that helps control diarrhea and symptoms of diarrhea.

The use of zeolite to help stop diarrhea is not a new concept. In the 1990s, scientists in Cuba developed a zeolite based drug, called Enterex, which was focused on stopping diarrhea. Today, there is the zeolite based health supplement called Esdifan, which has helped countless individuals suffering from Crohn’s, Colitis, and IBS tremendously with abdominal cramping and chronic diarrhea.  Esdifan is made by ZEO Health, which is the original manufacturer of zeolite health supplements. The product contains zeolite, calcium, and Vitamin B-12. The zeolite detoxifies the gut and absorbs excess water, while the calcium is used to harden stools. Both zeolite and calcium are alkaline minerals, which help to balance pH. Vitamin B-12 was strategically added to the supplement to encourage blood flow to this area, and also because people who suffer from diarrhea are usually B-12 deficient. Esdifan has a high rate of effectiveness, aiding about 85% of those who try it. (Pharmaceutical drugs help only about 50% of users.)

If you suffer from Crohn’s disease, Colitis, IBS, or just have sensitivity towards certain foods, you may want to try Esdifan and see if it works for you. For more information about Esdifan and how it works, please visit ZEOHealth.com/Esdifan.

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