What are the Differences between Powder, Capsule, and Liquid Zeolite Health Supplements?

Zeolite Powder

More for the Money

Powdered zeolite health supplements are usually packaged in large containers, giving you the most zeolite for you money. Powdered zeolite needs to be mixed into something— yogurt, a glass of water, or anything in between are all acceptable choices.

Micronized v. Non-Micronized

Amongst powdered zeolite supplements there is micronized and non-micronized zeolite. Micronizing is an expensive process that requires specialized machines, in which lasers cut through the mineral so that its structure stays intact. Recent advances in technology has allowed for zeolite to be micronized down to a fine powder, with a consistency comparable to confection sugar. The only known company to micronize their powder zeolite product to this level is ZEO Health.

If zeolite has not been micronized, it will appear chunky, bigger, and sandier. Non-micronized zeolite is not as effective as micronized zeolite because it cannot travel as far in the body, and cannot penetrate the blood-brain barrier (membrane). This essentially means that non-micronized zeolite cannot detox the body as well as micronized zeolite.



What Liquid Zeolite Really Is

Liquid zeolite is not the mineral zeolite liquefied. It is nothing more than powdered zeolite in water. When compared to the amount of zeolite one would get from a powder or capsule product, there is usually a small amount of zeolite powder in these products.

Zeolite cannot really be liquefied because if it was, it would no longer be the mineral zeolite.  Rather, it would be broken down into a number of difference molecules. Here is an analogy: If water (H2O) was broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, it would no longer resemble water. It would be two different gases, one being potentially harmful, and both being unable to hydrate the body.  The same logic can be applied to zeolite. If this mineral was broken down to become a liquid, it could form potentially harmful substances and could never detoxify the body.  Therefore, all liquid zeolite health supplement products are actually small amounts of powdered zeolite in water.

Why People Choose Liquid Zeolite Products

Many people choose to take a liquid zeolite products because they do not have the proper education on zeolite, have been misinformed by marketers and companies, and/or they just enjoy the easy application of a liquid product.  For those who do not have the correct facts and knowledge about zeolite, it is not their fault. A number of zeolite health supplement companies have created misinformation about zeolite, how it works and what it does, in order to out sell their competitors. Some of this misinformation includes the notion that liquid zeolite health supplements are able to absorb into the body faster than powder and capsule products and are also able to pass the blood-brain barrier, while powder and capsule products supposedly cannot. Since ALL liquid zeolite is merely zeolite powder in water, then all claims of liquid having unique abilities over powder products are bogus.

Liquid Zeolite is Not as Effective

In general, liquid zeolite health products are not as effective as powder zeolite supplements because there is an enormous different in the amount of zeolite per dose. The liquid zeolite products contain zeolite, so it will detox the body, just not as much and as fast as powder products do.  It is for this reason that liquid zeolite products should ONLY be taken for daily detox maintenance, and NEVER for a health issue or to detox heavy metals.  This last point cannot be emphasized enough.

Suggested Liquid Zeolite Products

Zetox contains the most zeolite when compared to all other liquid zeolite products.

If you like the application of a liquid product, then consider taking Zetox by Regal Supplements. The company refers to their product as a “suspension formula,” meaning that they acknowledge it is zeolite powder in a liquid. They also do not suggest that the product be taken for anything other than light detoxing and everyday detox maintenance.  Zetox has the largest amount of zeolite per dose, when compared to all other liquid products, and also contains Vitamin B-12 and D-3.



Capsule zeolite products contain powdered zeolite, and sometimes additional ingredients are added. Overall, they are as effect as powdered zeolite, and are also suggested for dealing with a health issue or detoxing from heavy metals.  Similar to liquids, people often prefer capsules over zeolite powder because they find it easier to take.


Commercial vs. Pharmaceutical Grade

Despite whatever form of zeolite health supplements you may choose, the most important aspect in choosing a zeolite product is determining the purity of the zeolite. Zeolite is a natural mineral, which is mined from deep within the Earth.  If there are heavy metals in the Earth near zeolite deposits, the heavy metals can be absorbed by the zeolite. Zeolite deposits that are potentially contaminated with heavy metals are commonly used in industries and for commercial purposes. For instance, contaminated zeolite might be used in pool filtration, cat litter, and in concrete production. Since zeolite health supplements are loosely regulated by the government, many companies purchase commercial zeolite for pennies on the dollar and sell it for inflated prices. This zeolite is not only loaded with heavy metals, but is also usually not cleaned and micronized. Commercial grade zeolite should NEVER be ingested, so please make sure that the zeolite you are purchasing does not come from a commercial mine. The most contaminated zeolite deposits are located in North America and Asia, so confirm with the company you purchase from that their zeolite does not originate from these continents.

Any zeolite health supplement consumed should be pharmaceutical grade zeolite, mined specifically for human consumption.  This type of zeolite is highly pure, cleaned, and micronized.  Though it is difficult to determine which companies are selling pharmaceutical grade zeolite, the recommended company for selling high grade, pure zeolite for human consumption is ZEO Health.  They are the original manufacturers of zeolite supplements, have conducted all the research, and make the highest quality zeolite health products on the market.  They have tailored their zeolite powdered and capsule products for specific health concerns. Regal Supplements obtains their zeolite from ZEO Health, so the zeolite in Zetox is the same potent pharmaceutical grade zeolite.

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