Which type of zeolite is consumable?

 In general, zeolite is the name of a family of porous, absorbent minerals composed of alumino-silicates. There are about 50 naturally occurring types of zeolite that are formed when volcanic ash settles on alkaline sea water, and about 150 synthetic forms of zeolite. (Synthetic zeolites were originally created by oil companies looking for an easy and effective way to clean up oil spills.)

Raw Clinoptilolite

The Smooth Structure of Clinoptilolite

Though there are numerous types of zeolite, only two are safe to consume—mordenite and clinoptilolite. And although mordenite can be consumed, it doesn’t mean that it should be. Mordenite generally is not used in zeolite health supplements because of its jagged shape. If consumed over a long period of time, mordenite could possibly cause damage to the digestive system. Many zeolite health supplement companies claim that they use more than one type of zeolite in their product for extra effectiveness. Although not enough evidence has been collected to understand just how dangerous mordenite could potentially be, would you really want to risk it?

The Jagged Structure of Mordenite

Raw Mordenite

Raw Mordenite

Make sure that all your zeolite health supplements only contain one type of zeolite—clinoptilolite.  The structure of clinoptilolite is smooth, and so it does not have any jagged edges that can damage the digestive system.  Also, all the clinical studies on zeolite have been done using micronized clionptilolite, and not mordenite. Based on all of these clinical studies, clinoptilolite is not only safe, but is also highly effective as a detoxifier of heavy metals and potential healer of cancer.

Always make sure that the zeolite health supplement you purchase is pure and is micronized ( pharmaceutical grade).  ZEO Health uses zeolite with the highest purity rate compared to any other maker of zeolite health supplements on the market. All of ZEO Health’s products are extremely potent and effective for detoxing your body from heavy metals or for specific health concerns.

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