Strengthening the Immune System with Zeolite

The Importance of Having a Strong Immune System

The Immune System is a complex network of organs that works together to rid the body of illness.

The term “immune system” refers to a large complex system that guards the body from foreign invaders, while also removing toxic substances and destroying infected cells. This system eventually becomes weakened due to the normal aging process or toxic materials that may build up in the body’s cells. A majority of the time, this leads to chronic illnesses and other symptoms that are a direct result of toxins disrupting normal cellular functions.  When this happens, people often suffer from an array of never ending symptoms because their immune system is dysfunctional and can no longer able to fight back.


How the Immune System is Weakened

In general, we are exposed to toxins and heavy metals through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. Yet, we can potentially be exposed to toxins through a number of other sources, such as environmental disasters, specific concentrations of heavy metals leeching into ground water, and depending on if we reside in an urban or rural area the toxic exposure differs.

Toxins are useless to the body, so when they buildup in cells, they just sit there and affect nutrient absorption and metabolism. They also can cause the formation of free radicals, which are highly destructive to healthy cells. Furthermore, toxins are acidic and cause the body’s pH level to become acidic. When the body is acidic, harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses grow out of control. The amount of toxins and free radicals, in combination with the acidic pH eventually becomes too overwhelming for the immune system to handle. When this happens, a person will become chronically ill with an unexplained sickness.


Detoxing to Strengthen the Immune System

A very simple way in which to gain back optimal health and strengthen a weakened immune system is by detoxing with zeolite. Zeolite helps to strengthen the immune system in a couple different ways. For one, it cleanses the body of heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury, and toxins, such as radiation and pesticides, which have accumulated in the body’s cells over long periods of time. Since the zeolite is negatively charged, it is able to easily pull positively toxins out of cells. Within a few hours after ingesting the supplement, it will be excreted, along with any toxins it has absorbed while traveling through the body. Once these toxins are removed, cellular functions will begin to return to normal, the number of free radicals will decline, and pH levels will fall back into an alkaline state. When pH levels become balanced and the body is no longer acidic, harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses can no longer flourish. And after all this occurs, the immune system is able to strengthen itself because it no longer has to fight against unnecessary toxins and foreign bodies.


Zeolite as an Anti-Viral

Virus injecting its DNA into a cell.

Zeolite has an ability that not many people know about. Besides removing toxins and free radicals from cells, it also helps save healthy cells from the destruction of viruses by removing pre-viral components (meaning the pieces of a virus before they are able to create a fully formed virus). In general, a virus moves from healthy cell to health cell, injecting its DNA into each cell. Eventually, this DNA forms a fully grown virus, destroys the cell, and then goes on to replicate in other health cells. By removing pre-viral components the zeolite is able to save healthy cells from the destruction of viruses.

ZEO Health manufactures a very effective product called Zeolite-AV, which focuses on fighting viruses and strengthening the immune system. Zeolite-AV contains zeolite and humic acid. Humic acid is an organic substance which is found naturally in our food supply. Due to over farming it has been depleted, so we are not getting the same beneficial amount of humic acid as our ancestors once did. Humic acid is extremely nutrient rich, which is essential for anyone who is suffering from a weak immune system and needs to gain back strength. It is also extremely effective in fighting against fully grown viruses because the humic acid encapsulates fully grown viruses so they cannot replicate in healthy cells. Click here to see a short video of how this works. The humic acid used in Zeolite-AV is a concentrated form of humic acid that is so potent that it was actually used in Mexico as a flu medication. This combined with the powers of zeolite and humic acid makes Zeolite-AV a very powerful and effective product for strengthening the immune system.

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