Side Effects of Zeolite

A big concern for people when taking a new supplement or medication is what side effects they might experience. With zeolite, you can relax because there are virtually NO SIDE EFFECTS.

No side effects… How can that be?

Many people are surprised to find out that there are no side effects when using pure* zeolite health supplements, especially those that have detoxed with other products in the past. This is because with other detoxifiers, such as bentonite and spirulina, a healing crisis occurs. A healing crisis is when the detoxifiers pull the heavy metals and toxins out of the body’s cells, but do not take them completely out of the body.  When this occurs, the toxins are reintroduced you’re your system.  This exposure to the toxic substances makes you feel sick as they are reabsorbed back into the body.

Zeolite is different than other detoxifiers because there is no healing crisis, meaning no sick feeling. Zeolite not only pulls the heavy metals and other toxins out of the body’s cells, but also offers a vehicle for toxins to exit the body safely. Essentially, zeolite is able to pull and trap the toxins in its porous cavities based on their molecular charge (most heavy metals and toxins are positively charged and the zeolite is naturally negatively charged). Once the toxins have bonded with the zeolite, this bond is never broken. Six to 8 hours later, the zeolite is excreted from the body, along with any heavy metals and toxins that have bonded with the mineral.

Will Zeolite Interact with My Medications?

It is always recommended that you check with your HCP before starting any new health supplement or medication.  Studies have shown that zeolite has no side effects, but there are a couple of medications that should be of concern for effectiveness or interaction.  Heavy metal based medications, such as Lithium, can be less effective when using zeolite.  HCL based medications, such as Clindamycin, mixed with zeolite consumption could cause unwanted interactions within your body.

Zeolite and Heavy Metal based Medications

If you are on a heavy metal based medication, you may not want to take zeolite until you have finished taking the medication or stagger the times you ingest your doses of medication and zeolite. If you have or are taking a zeolite supplement while on a heavy metal based medication, do no worry! It won’t react with your medication! However, the zeolite will just lessen the potency of the medication because it will naturally pull it out of the body’s cells.  Most medications are not heavy metal based, but to be sure, please check with your pharmacist.

Hydrochloric Acid based Medications and Supplements

Hydrocloric acid (HCL) based medications and supplements can interfere with zeolite. Although we have this type of acid in our stomachs, studies have proven that stomach acid is not strong enough to break down the cage structure of zeolite. However, HCL based medications are not the same as naturally occurring hydrochloric acid and are much stronger than stomach acid, and can work to break down the structure of the zeolite within the stomach. When broken down, zeolite becomes a number of different elements, including aluminum, which will be released into the body. If you take a HCL based medication or supplement and take a zeolite health supplement, please make sure that you take these supplements at least a couple hours apart so that they will not interact in the stomach.

*Pure zeolite health supplements are ones that are clinically proven to contain pure clinoptilolite with the right size particle.  Many companies try to use dirty, or “commercial,” zeolite for their health supplements.  Typically, this type of zeolite is used in kitty litter or water filtration plants.  They don’t get the particle size small enough to enter the blood stream (or micronize it) and they don’t purify it before placing it into their product.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather swim in a pool that is clear and balanced than one that is green and murky, same thing goes for my zeolite- if it isn’t pure I don’t want it in my body. 

As with anything you buy, you should do your own research to find out which companies offer the best product.  But for zeolite, time and time again it has been proven that ZEO Health supplements are the purest and held to the highest standards of manufacturing.  Not only are they the first company to use zeolite in health supplements, but they are the oldest and most knowledgeable in the industry. 


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