How is Zeolite Superior to Other Forms of Detoxification?

The biggest distinction between zeolite and other detoxifiers is the absence of a healing crisis. A healing crisis essentially is when a person becomes sick from being re-exposed to toxins during detoxification. Since other detoxifiers do not have a cage-like structure to protect the bonds between negatively charged detoxifiers and positively charged toxins, these bonds are easily broken. Once the bond is broken, the toxin is loose in the body, which causes the person to suffer the effects of being poisoned by these toxins. In reaction, the immune system becomes weakened from fighting off these toxins and attempting to rid the body of them, which makes the body even more susceptible to sickness and disease. Eventually, these free-floating toxins are reabsorbed right back into the body’s cells.

Since zeolite has a cage-like structure, which cannot be broken down, protecting the bond between the negatively charged zeolite and the positively charged toxins, the toxins are never re-exposed to the body. Thus, detoxifying with zeolite is a superior method to any other form of detoxifier because its natural, sturdy structure prevents a healing crisis from ever occurring.

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