Mold Found in Commercial Grade Zeolite

A zeolite company recently had two of their competitors’ zeolite powder products tested and found out that the zeolite was riddled with mold. ETS Zeolite (or NRG Zeolite) and ZEO Force Zeolite are known for their zeolite with an oddly green hue, but have long been suspected as being contaminated, commercial grade zeolite. Originally, they were sent to a third party lab in order to determine the purity of these products. The report indicated that ETS Zeolite (NRG Zeolite) was only 49% pure clinoptilolite, while Zeo Force Zeolite was an even lower 48%. What was the makeup of the other 51-52% of these health supplements? Amorphous, which is left over volcanic materials that were not formed into zeolite. In general, amorphous is synonymous with dirt.

Furthermore, these zeolite powder brands had a suspicious musty smell, and so were also sent to a food lab for mold testing. The lab discovered that they were infested with mold growth. How did the mold get in there? It’s because the zeolite in these products are filled with moisture. Since commercial grade zeolite is used, these companies do not spend the time or money investing in the cleaning and drying of their products. What you get in the end is a container filled more than half way with dirt and not processed for human consumption, which will eventually become overrun with mold.

Commercial grade zeolite is dangerous to consume. Please choose a reliable supplement company, like ZEO Health, that mines their zeolite specifically for human consumption and follows a strict regime of processing, drying, and testing their zeolite for contaminates.

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6 Responses to Mold Found in Commercial Grade Zeolite

  1. arthur r. says:

    moldy zeolite! that’s great! these companies have some nerve promoting health and selling things that will worsen your health. thanks for the information. I will not be buying from zeoforce and nrg ever! I think this proves to everyone that they need to check their sources before they just go out and buy supplements. especially with zeolite! truly disgusting and despicable!

  2. Rich says:

    Its amazing how many zeolite products on the market are certified ONLY for industrial and agricultural use while being green in color and loaded with mold spores!

  3. Donanne Dean says:

    I have experienced mold in my zeolite. It is the NRG Natural Zeolite. I am really disappointed. I want my money back.
    It gave me horrible IBS and I have been using it with great success until I got a bottle with mold in it.

    • M.E.K. says:

      Hi Donanne,

      I’m sorry to hear about what you went through with NRG Zeolite. You might want to try to contact the company about your experience. I know that a few other customers were upset about the mold in the zeolite and were given their money back. Next time, try Zeolite Pure, from ZEO Health. It’s the purest zeolite in any health supplements and they process their zeolite, so that it is clean from any contaminates and is always tested for mold. They also offer volume discounts. You can find the product here:

      Take care!

  4. desertpat says:

    Be suspicious. I’ve been checking this out, and the story appears to be untrue. Possibly a case of competitor sabotage. I’m always suspicious when a company that sells its own product sounds an alarm. We’ve had excellent results with ZeoForce, a breakthrough for chemical/EMF sensitivity. I’m going to check further, but this is what I found out so far.

    • M.E.K. says:

      No, it’s true. ZEO Force was using commercial grade zeolite for years! I believe they recently (within the past few months) changed their zeolite source because of the backlash they were experiencing from customers and the commercial mine, which didn’t want to be liable if any fell ill from ingesting non-consumable zeolite.

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